Jul 13, 2015

MapleMaker Mini V2 3d printer with fully printable frame

MapleMaker Mini v2 is a 3d printer that has fully 3d printable frame and main components. It is an advanced open sourced DIY RepRap that can self-replicate to much higher percentage. Very interesting!
I wonder how sturdy and rigid it is?

Project description:
The mapleMaker Mini introduces you to the world of additive manufacturing and 3D printing. With your own 3D printer, your concepts and design ideas can be translated from computer drawings to physical objects in short period of time.
The aim of this kit was to reduce costs and create an accessible, hackable, upgradeable, and ultimately, user customizable 3D Printer. We believe that a 3D printer should evolve with it’s users needs and knowledge, and become a platform for any number of future upgrades and additions without the need for costly re-works or additional components.

MapleMaker Mini V2 tech specs:
  • large 8" x 6" x 6" build volume
  • All metal hot end (e3d Lite6)
  • Completely 3D Printed frame and all major components
  • Simplified frame construction
  • Simplified printed parts components, all printable in 36 hours or less
  • LCD control panel and electronics enclosures

You can find all the part on YouMagine:


Detailed construction guide in PDF format: