Jul 11, 2015

Incremental sheet forming digital fabrication robot

Could this be considered as 3d printing? Probably not as no material is added. Still, it is interesting digital fabrication method. I wonder is it using factory software or some sort of custom hacked KUKA robotic arm code.

Developed by:

Team: Association for Robots in Architecture (robotsinarchitecture.org) and IP RWTH Aachen University (ip.rwth-aachen.de)
Location: Shanghai, China
Event: DADA 2015 Conference, in cooperation with Tongji University and FabUnion
Participants: Adlet Kylyshbekov, Yi Zhang, Addin Cui, Lim Zhang, Dongyuan Liu, Xingrui Zhou, Xiaoyin Ou, Yu Lei, Jin Xin, Qian Ren, Tian Lou, Wang Daimei, and Pan Libo

More about incremental sheet forming on wikipedia: