Jul 3, 2015

Delta-T 3d printer has no rails, bearings, belts, pulleys or lead screws

Jeff Kerr who developed Lobo now has this cool Delta-T which has some crazy mechanical movements :-)

I'm not sure what are the advantages or specifications but I like the inverse looks of it :-) Print results also look solid. It should be very cheap since it uses fishing line, rubber bands and other low cost materials.

Nice work Jeff!

Delta-T in action:

Delta description:
This new 3D printer is a delta-type design but with a flying carriage suspended by 6 strings that wind up directly onto the motor shafts. No rails, bearings, belts, pulleys or lead screws.

This new version uses a Bowden-type extruder and a single spring-loaded tension post to keep the strings in tension. Still more work to do, but it's coming along.
You can follow the development and get much more information at: