Jul 11, 2015

Cosine AM1 industrial FDM 3d printer

Cosine AM 1 is powerful new 3d printer that is at home in industrial and professional production setting. It has large format, speed and ability to 3d print with many advanced materials including carbon fiber and metal powders.

Here are the technical specifications of their AM1 machine:
  • Build Volume:  1100mm * 850mm * 900mm
  • Accuracy:  .07mm per 200mm
  • Layer Resolution:  .1mm-1mm
  • Max Extruder Temperature:  450°C
  • Max Bed Temperature:  250°C
  • Max Chamber Temperature:  85°C
  • Nozzle Sizes:  .5mm, 1mm, 1.5mm
  • Max Flow Rate:  3.5 kg / 24hrs
  • Machine Weight:  700kg
  • Machine Size:  1650mm * 1400mm * 1600mm
  • Voltage:  100v-220v 50hz/60hz 3KVA
It can print with wide spectrum of materials:

 PLA Polycarbonate Carbon Fiber, chopped
 ABS Nylon Carbon Fiber, continuous
 HIPS PBT Carbon Black, ESD
 PVA Acetal Glass Fiber
 PETG Stainless Steel Powder
 Bronze Powder
 Glass spheres

Here you can see AM1 printing:

And here is AM1 printing in carbon fiber and polycarbonate:

Cosine Additive company page: