Feb 6, 2015

MOLDLAY filament for DIY lost wax casting with 3d printed objects

Kai Parthy, well known filament material developer, has a new product named MOLDLAY which is a thermoplastic filament with properties similar to wax. It can be used for two casting techniques: lost mold (lost wax casting) or permanent mold casting.
Lost PLA casting is well known method and you can  use microwave oven lost PLA casting, but MOLDLAY can be melted in a common baking oven due to its low melting point and wax like properties.

Here are the key features and technical data:

  • superior dimensional stability
  • tiff, rigid at room temperature
  • near zero warp
  • printable without heated bed
  • print at 170 – 180° C,
  • heated bed max. 40°C,
  • melting temperature ~ 270°C 
  • the molten wax flows freely out the mold, similar to liquid paraffin
  • price: unknown
  • contact for dealers: kp@cc-products.de

Here is a video showing the entire process of lost wax casting with MOLDLAY: