Feb 15, 2015

High 3d printed fashion projects by Lilah LaValle and Airwolf3D

3d printed fashion is really emerging as one cool new area for artistic expression. I recently found this two nice works of arts (and 3d printing crafts). One is more industrial-art and second is more of a DIY-fashion project.

First piece is a fully 3d printed Red Corset designed by German artist Lilah LaValle in collaboration with her boyfriend Daniel Sirkett and it is printed by Shapeways in SLS Nylon. Since it is a larger and more complex piece the high-end SLS process was required sou you probably will not print this soon in your home.

Photographer: Susanne Kreuschmer / Lily Like Visual Art H&M: Meachy Wong Model: Lilly / Look Out Management

And here is a Sandy "the materials girl" from Airwolf 3D showing all the clothing, jewelry and accessories you can already 3d print at home from various commonly available DIY materials!

The A.X.I.O.S. (Advanced Xtreem Integrated Operating Scales) dress designed by Cameron Williams is printed from hexagonal plates in ABS / TPU / TPE. Very cool!