Feb 4, 2015

Help Melanie with her Master Thesis by taking a survey about open source hardware and 3d printing

I was approached by Melanie Kern to help her out with her survey for her master thesis. It deals with Open Source Hardware and 3d printing. 
If you have spare 10 minutes go and help someone doing valuable research! Remember people: sharing is caring!

Dear Survey Participant,
Open Source Hardware (OSH) development is a fascinating phenomenon that recently gained momentum. Given the potential of 3D printing and OSH to disrupt entire industries and revolutionize the way we design, produce, recycle, manufacture, distribute and commercialize physical products in the future, this is worth in-depth inquiry. To begin with, this survey, conducted at the Universities of Hamburg and Osnabrück, Germany, shall provide insight about 3D printing communities and their motivations and drivers.
It shall also give developers the possibility to provide feedback on community services and to name key features that would help to improve their favorite platforms. The anonymous and aggregated data will be used for research at the Chair of Management and Digital Markets and be provided to platform managers.
The survey will only take about 10 minutes. Your contribution is crucial to the project and is very much appreciated. Many thanks.
To participate, please follow the link:
Best regards,
Melanie Kern, BA (University of Hamburg)
Prof. Dr. Piet Hausberg (University of Osnabrück)
Prof. Dr. Sebastian Späth (University of Hamburg)
You can access the project homepage here:
Or on the social media site: