Feb 24, 2015

Free GCodeInfo app is a powerfull 3D print model analyzer for your Android smartphone

Mathias Dietz, well known 3d printing app develper has a new software release. It is a powerful model analysis tool for your Android device that will help you and calculate many parameters.

Here is more information from Mathias:

GCodeInfo App joins the family of the 3D Printing Apps GCodePrintr and GCodeSimulator.
It can analyze 3D print model files (gcode) and show detailed information like price, print time, etc.

The App can help you to answer these questions and much more:
  • How long will it take to print the object? 
  • What is the material cost of it? 
  • How can I optimize the print time of my 3D Model (where is the time spend)?
  • Whats the average print speed by layer?
It shows the following details of the 3D print model:
  • Cost / Price
  • Print Time
  • Length of Filament needed
  • Layer Height
  • Number of Layers
  • Average / Min print speed
  • Slowest/Fastest layer
  • Print Model Size
  • Print Mode Weight
  • Print Mode Mass
  • Snapshot image of the print model (2D top view)
  • 3D view of the print model
  • Temperature by layer chart 
  • Speed by layer chart
  • Print time by layer
The App is available in the Google Play Store for free:

More information about GcodeInfo, GCodePrintr and GCodeSimulator find here: