Feb 21, 2015

AKER open source DIY plant beds and other gardening equipment made by CNC from plywood

As I am getting more interested in CNCing wood I'll post more about various DIY CNC projects.

My retired father is now a beekeeper so I found Open Source Beehives. Since they don't have LR type of beehives we gave up on the idea of making them or buying a large CNC mill (we would need to do some saving on family level to afford it). Also it keeps my father occupied as he makes the beehives himself by hand from old wood pallets.

Now that team released AKER DIY plant beds you can produce with your CNC from a single sheet of 1200 x 2400 plywood sheet.

Here is the video presentation of the project:

It's an interesting idea and my wife is nagging me for ages that we should start to use some sort of raised beds in our large garden, so maybe I should start to save up to finally buy parts to make my own CNC.

AKER facebook page:


On AKER homepage you will find plans and CNC files for this raised bed and other things like: worm hotel composter, GroWall wall planter, EcoHive top bar hive and EggHouse chicken coop. All files are open source and you can make it yourself if you own a CNC or get them done by someone else.

AKER homepage: 

AKER DIY CNC cut raised bed

Chicken coop

Worm hotel composter

If you own 3d printer only, you can still make an open source hydroponics food growing system.

CNC is very wide field ... so many projects. Can anyone point me where to start with research on how to build CNC big enough to process standard plywood sheet?

Update (16.3.2015.):

AKER is on Indiegogo now with their Print your Urban Farm campaign and it comes with Aker Map  http://www.map.aker.me/ application for food sharing.