Jan 21, 2015

Draken DLP SLA 3d printer is new challenger in affordable stereolithography market

Draken by 3DFacture is new DLP based LSA 3d printer that wants to enter affordable stereolithography market segment.

Key features from KS page:

  • Traditionally, 3D printers fall into two catergories: high resolution printers costing thousands of dollars, or low resolution ones costing under a thousand. The Draken prints at 37 microns on X-Y axis and can print down to 10 microns on the Z axis, which results in printing features as fine as a strand of hair.
  • Draken prints  up to 8.66" tall with a 3.86" x 7.09" build base at 90 micron XYZ resolution, the largest and tallest among all personal SLA printers.
  • Because 3D printers can take several hours or longer to complete taller builds, it's important to reduce the noise pollution as much as possile. Draken makes almost no noise.
  • Draken is one of the fastest personal SLA printers in the market today.  For other SLA printers to print a 6.5 inch Statue of Liberty with 100 micron Z resolution, it takes anywhere from 6 to 8 hours. With Draken, it only takes 3.6 hours.
  • The inner printer frame is made of an integrated piece of high-quality steel, the outer shell is a single piece of aluminum alloy sheet, which assures the stability and precision of the printer.
  • Draken is so flexible that you can easily take out the commercial-grade high definition projector and use it to project HD movies.
  • The patent-pending passive peeling technique in the build platform reduces the adhesion  force at each layer separation and increases the printing speed dramatically.
  • For most SLA printers on market, the resin vat needs to be replaced every few months, because the silicone coating on the vat might get cloudy after extensive usage. In Draken, we bonded a thin Teflon layer on top of the silicon coating, which greatly extended the lifetime of the vat. You won't need to worry about frequent replacement of the vat anymore.
  • Draken supports all third-party resins. We have tested several stable resins for Draken with various properties. MakerJuice, MadeSolid, FTD, and even Formlabs resin work perfectly with Draken. Furthermore, Draken's materials development team has created our own resin, priced lower than all the others on market.

 Draken technical specifications and comparison to other 3d printrs on the market:

3DFacture company homepage: http://www.3dfacture.com/

Draken is on Kickstarter now, where you can still get it at the moment for $1099 (without the projector):


Here is video presentation of this printer: