Nov 12, 2014

Vagler V-8E education focused 3D printer

VAGLER International is a Swedish-Malaysian 3d printer company: They just released their 3d printer aimed at educational / school market: The Vagler V-8E.

Technical specifications:
  • Max printing resolution: 50 microns (0.05mm)
  • Build volume: 13,500cm3 L, W, H 270 x 200 x 250 mm ( x x inches)
  • 1-Click printing;
  • Multiple printers and print queues from a single workstation;
  • “Child Proof” fully enclosed chassis means all moving parts for student safety and hardware longevity in a hardworking classroom environment;
  • “Teacher Lock” enabling staff to remotely lock the printer’s operation for student safety;
  • Magnetic door lock during printing, which prevents access to the 200°C+ heated parts;
  • Removable, non-heated printing plates, enabling quick access to completed objects.
  • Price: at USD 1,999 range

There are more and more 3d printers focused on very large education market and they mostly feature two main things: some sort of protection against children touching the heated parts and some sort of print job queuing. 
That tells me that we live in safety obsessed lawsuit culture (I had to buy and bring to school a set of carving technical knives at age of 10 as part of technical curricula) and that those features will not be sufficient if you want to sell in that market. We will see what will future bring in this field. Kids will have to learn 3d printing soon ...