Nov 3, 2014

RetroBand DIY wearable activity tracker with 3d printed enclosure

Wearable technology is hot new tech trend that promises to change the way we interact with everything and improve human health.
RetroBand is open source project of a wearable 3d printable activity tracker armband you can make yourself. It can be connected to mobile app to display information.
Cool project ...

Tech specs:
  • Processor : ATmega328 - 3.3v (8MHz)
  • 32KB Flash(2KB is shared for Bootloader), 2KB RAM, 1KB EEPROM
  • Connected with Android exclusive app(supported over v.4.0).
  • Calculating calories based on step count.
  • Accumulating calorie data and displaying statistics in a monthly/daily/hourly data
  • Real-time check of the change of the 3-axis values measured by accelerometer
  • Open source

Detailed construction guide and all the files:

GitHub repository:

Project homepage:

Android app: