Nov 7, 2014

LumiPocket simple and compact SLA DLP 3d printer

Here is an interesting DLP SLA 3d printer design that can be used with almost any DLP projector. It is a cylindrical resin container with z motion add-on that enables you to use it as resin vat under a projector.

LumiPocket technical specifications:
  • Technology Stereolithography (DLP)
  • Printer Dimensions: 8 x 8 x 28 cm
  • Build Volume: 100 x 100 x 100 mm
  • Layer curing time: 3000ms-8000ms

  • Resolution X, Y axis: 50/100 microns (depending on the projector used)
  • Resolution Z: 50/100 microns
  • Electronics: Arduino Micro
  • Resins tested: SpotGP, FunToDo
  • LumiKit Includes: Finishing tray, a set of tweezers, 2 scrapers, protective gloves and glasses.
Supported projectors: 
  • Almost every DLP projector can be used. We do not recommend any modification to your projector (unless you really know what you are doing and want to void its warranty): instead, we provide you with a list of compatible projectors we already tested. Should you want to buy another model, we also provide a set of technical specifications that meets our requirements.
  • For jewelry and castable resin for metals a FullHD projector will provide the best results.
  • Minimum Requirements 2000 lumen, 1024x768
  • Recommended 
  • 2500+ lumen, 1280x720 or above
  • Tested Optoma dx325, Acer x1260, Acer x1240, Acer 6510bd, Acer P1283, Acer P1500
Key features (from Indiegogo campaign):
  • versatile: Just by adjusting the projector height, you can go from printing very detailed object, like jewelry molds, from bigger parts up to 10cm diameter by 10 cm tall. This means that LumiPocket can be used to print many different objects, not just tiny parts!
  • fast:With the best projector we tested (AcerP1500) and our recommended resin (FuntToDo IB) the curing time per layer can be as low as 0,7 seconds, with a printing area of 10x5cm. With a ~320$ projector like the Optoma DX325 or the Acer x1240/60, curing time per layer is about 3-7 seconds, that is still faster than even more expensive FDM printers, and remember that with DLP projection, printing speed is not affected by object complexity, or by the number of parts to be printed on the same tray.
  • reliable: and requires little maintenance(Goodbye, disposable vats and expensive non-stick coating) With our top projection system, we removed one the most annoying parts related with light curing resin: the need to replace often the printing vat, a delicate transparent contianer for the resin, that does also need expensive anti-sticiing coatings, often difficult to apply that last only for a certain number of prints before start degrading.Projecting from above, we removed the need for a special vat, and it will double its function of printing vat and resin container with its cover for storing the resin. You can have one for each type of resin you have and changing material on your printer is as simple as swapping the vats.
  • really easy to use: We designed a cross plaftorm software that takes care of everything: you just need to load a .STL file and it will take care of the slicing and printing. If you don't have 3d modeling knowledge, you can use our integrated 3d search engine that will let you browse online for 3d models , our use our basic templates to print many customizable objects, from Litophanes to personalized rings or keychains. It supports the newest input technologies like the Leap Motion, an innovative devide able to track your gestures and hands movements, providing a new way to explore and model 3d objects.

LumiPocket is on Indiegogo now: