Nov 19, 2014

Josef Prusa gives interesting interview to Hackaday, in the meantime we are still waiting for Prusa i4

He is more then just a common man, he is a 3d printer also. Josef Prusa. The Guru.

Interview covers following topics (and more):
  • How did you get involved in 3D printing?
  • How's your business going?
  • What's the best recent advancement in 3D printing?
  • What's the worst?
  • What is the state of the RepRap project
  • What's up with the i4?
  • Thoughts on different printing technologies
  • Predict the future just came to my mind that Josef could pull a joke on us and go strait to Prusa i5 ... just sayin' ...

... and he also has a cool open hardware tattoo ...

Hackaday source article: