Nov 13, 2014

GMASS tungsten and bismuth filled high density ABS filament

GMASS is a new filament with high density ABS as main component with added tungsten or bismuth metal particles.
Only limited information is available without any tests or detailed review. There are almost no pictures of it.

GMASS is priced at 95 USD range for 0,5 kg spool.

From GMASS product page:
GMASS™ is a patent pending specially-formulated high-density ABS-based filament for 3D printing applications. It offers the ability to rapidly prototype high-density components. Using a variety of metallic fillers, it has a density approaching traditional metals, while offering the design flexibility of ABS plastic. Now your plastic parts can have the weight and feel of metal castings! Colored filament is available in limited configurations to allow further design enhancements.
The non-toxic fillers in GMASS™ make it an excellent choice for radiation shielding without the environmental impact of lead. While designed for rapid prototyping, GMASS™ also makes an excellent material for low-quantity additive manufacturing. 
Possible applications:
  • Consumer – Sporting goods, add weight, balancing
  • Healthcare – Medical x-ray shielding, nuclear medicine components, laboratory equipment
  • Industrial – X-ray shielding, reactor shielding, vibration dampening, inertial weighting

  • Filament diameter: 1.75 +/- 0.10 mm
  • Base material: ABS Plastic
  • Filler material: Proprietary compounds of bismuth and tungsten Density Range: 2.7 +/- 0.1 g/cc for bismuth, 4.0 +/- 0.2 g/cc for tungsten
  • Note that stated densities are for the filled filament material. Printed part densities may vary due to printer processing parameters, and should be confirmed by the user prior to use.

  • Recommended printing temperature: 230C
  • Recommended printing speed: 40 – 90 mm/s
  • We recommend using a heated bed: 100 – 110C
  • Advised nozzle size: 0.5 - 0.6 mm
  • Note: The filament will have a higher likelihood of clogging smaller nozzles such as 0.4mm and smaller because of the tungsten particles. Therefore a larger size nozzle is recommended.

  • A heated bed should be used to prevent warping
  • The tungsten in the filament will wear down the brass nozzle after several hours of printing. Check nozzle before each print and replaced if worn.
  • To ensure proper adhesion to print bed, a small amount of ABS slurry can be applied to the bed before starting to print.
  • To achieve maximum density, you may need to increase the flow rate about 5 – 10%. We have also found that using a larger nozzle but using a 0.4mm size nozzle in the software settings will give you better density.
  • Note: Print at 100% in-fill to achieve full density on your printed parts.