Nov 18, 2014

Functionalize F-Electric conductive filament is one big step towards 3d printed electronics

Functionalize F-Electric conductive filament is new type of filament with much improved conductivity properties. It claims to be world' most conductive filament with “one thousand times more conductive than filament available today", and "enables anyone to print circuits, wires, sensors, power connectors, and other electrical components inside projects printed from popular PLA-capable 3D printers.”

With conductivity lower then the 1 ohm/cm which they demonstrate in measurements on video ,it looks like it is “the world’s most electrically conductive 3D printing (plastic) filament that enables electronic or electromechanical capabilities to be designed right into the structure of printed parts.” Conductive 3d printing filaments available on the market mostly measure in the 1,000 – 10,000 ohms/cm range.

Possessing that kind of electrical properties, it can be used to build all sorts of interesting objects like this 3d printed levitator device:

Volume resistivity of F-Electric conductive filament explained:

Functionalize homepage:

They are on Kickstarter:

3d printed electric circuit for the levitator