Nov 20, 2014

Free webinar on 3d printed car parts and car mods

Here is new free webinar from GoEngineer focusing on 3d printed car parts, car accessories and car modifications.

If you are interested in cars, car hacking, car repair, hypermiling, modding, car tuning and have access to any type of 3d printer this video will give you lots of useful tips, information and practical examples. You could theoretically make any plastic part needed for your car and customize it to fit your needs.

Webinar is presented by Tyler Reid, it is focused on Stratasys technology but the knowledge and is applicable to other 3d printers.

3d printed car parts presented here are:

  • gauge bezel
  • firewall feedtrough
  • wire tee box
  • throttle body spacer
  • battery charging box
Here is video webinar, one hour well spent ;-):

Here is a picture of installed wire tee box:

Great tutorial, thank you for the content Tyler and GoEngineer team!

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