Nov 18, 2014

DIY 3d printed resin lens made on Form 1+

3d printing optical lenses is usually in domain of high tech companies, but Craig Broady developed and tested a method that enables you to print functional lenses on Form 1 + with clear resin. 

The process is well documented in a form of a guide on Formlabs forums and it involves a post-processing by polishing the surface with sand paper and scratch removal fluid.
The lens is 1.75mm at its thinnest and 4.32mm at its thickest, printed with a 50 micron layer thickness.

Working lens printed as a monocle on Formlabs 1+ with clear resin

3d lens during design phase, you can see supports and holding structure

Lens after printing with partial removal of support material

Lens mounted on a hand power drill to smoothen and polish the surface

More detailed guide can be found here together with lens files:

Hopefully we will see more functional objects developed like small binoculars, telescopes and others ... Great job Craig!