Nov 22, 2014

ATOM DIY low cost simple extruder made from plywood and ATOM 3d printer from Egypt

Atom is a very simple and low cost extruder developed in Egypt. It has few parts and it is cut from 3mm plywood. For heating block it uses scrap aluminum plate cut to 20mm x 20mm x 10mm and M6 brass bolt for nozzle.

Here are detailed instructions, files for cutting the plywood and BOM:

Parts of the extruder (usual elements such as NEMA 17 motor, fan, thermistor etc....):

This extruder is a part of broader ATOM 3d printer project to bring low cost 3d printing to Egypt and Arab world. The printer can be made for some 300 USD.


Atom has a new and improved advanced version of Atom plywood extruder with detailed build guide:

Key design features are:
  • Simple and easy to build
  • Low cost
  • Compact design
  • Low weight
  • Small footprint
  • Wire management
  • Easy to mount
  • One active cooling fan for both heat sink and nozzle tip
  • Open source
  • Can print with various type of filaments
  • ABS & PLA
  • Advanced filament materials
  • Copper, Bronze, Wood, Glow filaments
  • Designed to print with flex materials
It is still very affordable but can print with advanced materials. Here is the video build guide:

Details can be found at:

Here is Atom3D machine in action: