Sep 4, 2014

How to 3d scan your prescription eyeglasses lens and design a 3d printable frame

Aaron Porterfield created two tutorials which I as a eyeglasses wearer appreciate. He (and I) often brakes his glasses so here is a solution if you can use some CAD software and have some equipment.

Here is detailed tutorial on how to 3d scan prescription eyeglasses lens by taking photos of a lens covered by masking tape:

When you have a scanned lens (or lenses) you can design your custom 3d printable frame:

There are a few simple(ish) steps involved, but nothing an average user can't master ...

And here is the final result:

You can print the frame on your home FDM machine but the results will be more rougher. For best quality use a SLS or PolyJet 3d printer.

Great work Aaron!