Sep 4, 2014

F3D DIY food 3d printer with integrated halogen oven

F3D is food RepRap derived DIY 3d printer. YES it will print and COOK your food. It uses halogen bulb as a sort of improvised oven. Food in a form of paste is extruded trough a syringe nozzle. The entire device costs in 1200 £ range.

From F3D homepage:
‘F3D’, pronounced ‘fed’, is a prototype RepRap derived automated kitchen. It was developed part-time over 6 months as a third year project by 4 Mechanical Engineering students (Hillel Baderman, Jacob Watfa, Francis Nwobu, and James Clarke) at Imperial College London. The project was supervised by Dr. Connor Myant.
‘F3D’ can print and cook a multi-ingredient meal using food pastes in pre-filled syringes autonomously. The user is required only to insert the syringes into the machine and ‘press print’.

You can get all the details about the F3D in very extensive PDF report:

F3D homepage: