Aug 4, 2014

MetalBro300 3D printer from Germany is aimed at SME customers

MetalBro300 3D printer by F& B rapid production from Germany is aimed at small and medium enterprise customers. It features large print volume, very sturdy aluminum construction and many optional equipment.

From MetalBro homepage:

The working area of ​​300x300x250mm is unique in this price range and enables printing of large models, eg in the field of architecture or of prototypes in original size, eg for product development. These large models may be created in a relatively short time at the Metal Bro due to the high-speed printing also.This is made possible by keeping the displacement of the extruder on the side wall to support the weight for the moving parts as small as possible. In addition, the extremely stable structure of the printer from 40x40mm aluminum profiles reduces any vibrations from the traversing.

During development, we focus on quality and use almost exclusively metal components, which is also reflected in a long life and a good reproducibility. Even the hot end is made of metal and at temperatures ranging from 300 ° C are not a problem. 

Both to the extruder and on the z-axis stepper motor may be used with an additional gearbox, to generate a high torque, and the required power. Other features such as the Controller menu and the autonomous use the printer via SD card meet the standard for 3D printers. The Metal Bro is a solid, powerful printer that will have a long life and you will know over time certainly more and more to appreciate.

F&B Rapid Production MetalBro 3d printer homepage

MetalBro prices range from 1489 euros to 2580 euro depending on the additional equipment like dual extruder or enclosed build platform:

the same company presented their hybrid cnc, 3d scanner and 3d printer machine some time ago: