Aug 4, 2014

LittleRP affordable open source DLP 3d printer

LittleRP is a low cost open source DLP 3d printer where you can configure it and adapt it to fit a variety of needs. It is compatible with a range of vat designs, linear motion components, and DLP light sources. The higher the resolution of the DLP projector, the higher resolution of this 3d printer will be.

LittleRP technical specifications:
  • Build Volume: 60mm(X) 40mm(Y) 100mm(Z)
  • Build Speed: Approx 2 minutes per 1mm at .05mm layer height. A 40mm tall object would take approximately 80 minutes to complete.
  • Electronics: Arduino compatible microcontroller, GRBL Firmware
  • Software: Envision Labs Creation Workshop (STL Slicer, Projector Controller, Gcode Sender)
  • Available Resins: Most general UV Curing Resin such as MakerJuice (SubFlex, SubSF), MadeSolid (MS resin)
  • Resin Vat: PDMS (Standard), Teflon
  • The basic LittleRP kit uses a non-peeling vat, and is intended for jewelry, miniature figures and similar styles of prints. For printing larger or more solid prints the company offers a tilting upgrade. The tilt option will allow you to print much larger models and print them with a larger variety of resins. The optional tilting vat will be available for $149 and all LittleRP printers are upgrade ready before shipping.
  • The non-stick coating of the LittleRP resin vats only requires $1 of material to re-coat compared to $8-10 for larger printers.

From the LittleRP page:
LittleRP, an affordable, open source 3D resin printer that lowers the barriers to entry for those looking to get into the exciting world of stereo-lithography printing.
The LittleRP has been designed from the ground up to simplify the resin printing process. Our focus on smaller high quality prints means complicated peeling mechanisms are not required.
Being open source is one thing, but we wanted to make the LittleRP easy to self source. Lasercut materials and standard T-Slot extrusion means building your own from scratch, or simply modifying an existing LittleRP is an exercise you can take on yourself!
Inexpensive quality stereo lithography prints are possible thanks to the use of high quality components such as linear slides and integrated leadscrew steppers. The LittleRP might be inexpensive but corners were definitely not cut.

LittleRP was known as the LittleDLPer / LittleSLA, but the name was changed due to some trademark
It will be on Kickstarter soon where you will able to get Extra Early Bird LittleRP Kit for $475 and for $499 for later supporters. The Kickstarter kit comes in Complete, Complete HD and Projectorless options. The Complete kit includes everything you need to get printing, whereas the Projectorless option requires you to supply your own DLP projector.