Aug 20, 2014

AirEnergy3D DIY wind power generator you can print at home

AirEnergy3D is Polish company who wants to develop open source 3d printable wind power generator. If they are successful this will be great advancement for low cost wind power generation.

Key features:
  • AirEnergy3D is a 3d printed wind turbine that you can setup on your balcony, roof or take it camping 
  • It can generate up to 300W of electrical power (this may be too optimistic, or the featured size will be increased, since the power for showcased size turbine is in 30W range in good wind)
  • It's small, it's durable, it's customizable and it' very cheap compared to existing wind based solutions 
  • you can fit it in a backpack, move and assemble anywhere without using power tools

It is on Kickstarter now:

Company page:

Wind turbine that can be printed in modules. There are advantages and disadvantages to this design related to efficiency, but vertical axis turbine is easier to print than complex horizontal axis propeller.  Read more at:

Proof of concept makes a LED light up, but do keep in mind that gear systems reduce efficiency 

There are similar projects even for the generator system, like this one:

... but I think there is a need for more integrated, well tested and optimized system. Open Sourcing it is a big plus and could make the technology spread and further developed by the community sand users.

If you want to build a home wind generator without 3d printing, here is an open source Zoetrope design build plan: