Aug 8, 2014

Activ8 standalone touchscreen computer that can control any 3D printer

What is Activ8? Here is the description from their KS page:

The Activ8 is a hand-held, touch screen device that comes preloaded with a carefully crafted suite of applications designed to make the operation of a 3D printer easy and efficient for both professionals and enthusiasts.
The Activ8 combines the best open source software created by the 3D printing community with our own custom operating system to produce an elegant and powerful new way of interacting with your 3D printer. The operating system has been specially designed to be compatible with any RepRap based 3D printer.
It is our goal to have the Activ8 working with every RepRap based 3D printer and we are currently continuing to test the Activ8 with every available board we can get our hands on. Whilst there is no reason why any RepRap board shouldn't work (all the drivers come preloaded in the OS), we can only guarantee that they work with the ones we have physically tested, which are:
Melzi, Printr Board, Arduino/RAMPS, Duet, RUMBA and Rambo.

We will continue to update this section throughout the Kickstarter campaign. If your unsure whether or not your board type will work or would like to find out if it is currently being tested, please contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
We are also committed to continually updating the firmware and adding to the number of supported printer boards beyond this campaign.

 Activ8 is preloaded with many software tools:
  • Active 3D Pronterface - Custom version of Pronterface which incorporates Slic3r, with a .STL and .Gcode 3D viewer and plater. 
  • Repetier-Server - A multi-printer, multi-connection printer server that handles the communication with 3d printers. 
  • RepG - Drives MakerBot Replicator, Thing-O-Matic, CupCake CNC, RepRap machines and generic CNC machines.
  • Slic3r, Cura and Skeinforge -programs convert a 3D model into G code instructions for a 3D printer. Most printers are designed to work optimally with one of these programs
  • Octorprint - An application that allows you to operate your 3D printer wirelessly.
  • Meshlab - Allows for the processing and editing of unstructured 3D triangular meshes. 
  • Web browser - An integrated Web Browser that can be used to access and download all your favourite 3D designs straight from the internet.
  • Physical and Virtual keyboard - Key to any touch screen device is the inclusion of a virtual keyboard, which was created to fully utilize all the space on a 10 inch touchscreen. There is also a wireless keyboard alternative that comes packaged with every Activ8. 
  • Custom OS - All these programs come packaged in custom Operating System built on Debian Linux OS.

Activ8 technical specifications:

It will be made in in Tunbridge Wells, United Kingdom. Wow. Electronics made in Europe!

Activ8 Kickstarter where you can get it for 300 - 350 £:

Company homepage: