Jan 10, 2014

OWL Nano stereolithographic 3d printer by Old World Labs

Technical Specifications:
  • Printing technology: Stereolithography (SLA)
  • Layer Resolution: .1 micron
  • Build Volume: 288 in3 (6L x 6W x 8H in) / 4,500,000 mm3 (150L x 150W x 200H mm)
  • Weight: 45 lbs
  • Power: 1.4 A, 120 V
  • Build Temperature: 72 – 77 F
  • Build Materials: Acrylate, Photopolymer Resin
  • Software: Netfabb, Marlin Filmare (included)
  • O.S. Compatibility: Mac, Windows, Linux
  • Price: 4900 USD
  • Manufactured in Hampton Roads, VA, the OWL Nano™ is constructed from industrial components. It is designed for easy transport with zero disruption to the printer’s resolution. Its size, aesthetics and quiet operation make it appropriate for almost any setting: in an office or lab, on a manufacturing floor or in a home environment.
  • Next-Generation Stereolythography: Stereolithographic printing is the gold standard in 3D printing. It’s a technique in which a laser beam is used to build up the computer-designed 3D structure, layer by layer, from a liquid polymer that hardens on contact with laser light.
  • Single strand laser beam, virtually no distortion: OWL Nano takes traditional stereolithography to a higher level. Unlike other stereolithographic printers, which bounce a laser beam off mirrors before reaching the voxel, the OWL Nano positions its laser source just centimeters from the voxel. This decreases beam distortion and allows the highly tuned, single strand laser to focus on an area as small as 1/10th of a micron.
  • Perpendicular printing: The OWL Nano’s laser maintains a perfect perpendicular position below the object it is forming, which creates a more balanced 3D print.