Apr 18, 2013

RepRap Therminator 5 Hot End

This is Kickstarter project for RepRap hot end for more demanding print jobs.


Features of the Therminator 5

  • A large heat zone for temp stabilization. 
  • Machined brass for better heat transfer and durability. 
  • Double heat power resisters for fast heat -up and heat zone stability for fast print jobs. 
  • A thicker insulator (PEEK) for heat isolation and durability. 
  • Only has five total parts making it very easy to maintain. 
  • The nozzle comes off without taking the extruder or hot end apart. 
  • Uses SeeMeCNC nozzles that are always available and cost less than other nozzles you have to buy (if in stock) 
  • The mount is common for most RepRap Mendel and Prusa extruders.
  • RepRap open source hardware
  • Works with ABS and PLA. We are in the process of trying it with nylon based filament.
  • 3mm and 1.75 mm filament
  • .35mm and .5mm nozzles.