Apr 27, 2013

Ilios HD DLP printer

New DLP printer kit: Ilios HD.

Tech specs:
  • Maximum VAT Area: 30cm x 30cm (X and Y)
  • Maximum Lifting distance: 20cm (Z axis)
  • Starting Layer Resolution: 0.0125mm (12.5 micron) with Full Step Motor Configuration
  • Metal Ball Bearing Spindle Resolution: 2.5mm Pitch
  • Repeat Accuracy: Less than 0.01mm on a length of 300mm
  • Motor Maximum Resolution: 1/16 of a Step
  • Motor Specifications: Nema 23, 4 lead Bipolar, 3A, Step Angle - 1.8deg, 270oz.in
  • Control Circuit: 3 Stepper Motor Control (4 Leads) - 3.5A, 1 Relay Control, 4 Additional Inputs
  • Electronic Features: Selectable Decay, Selectable Micro-stepping (up to 16m-steps)
  • Power Supply: 350W, 24VDC/14.6A
  • Assembled Kit Dimensions: ~60cm (L) x ~50cm (W) x ~120cm (H)
  • Price: 3210 € at http://www.os-rc.com/en/shop/shop-3d-printing/ilios-complete-kit-detail