Apr 18, 2013

3D printed knives projects

This post will compile news and data about 3d printed knives and blades.

This was the first video of 3d printed knife I saw:

I don't see it is good for anything except cake cutting.

Update (28.2.2014):

here is another 3d printed tanto style blade in ABS by Barancules. You can open cardboard boxes with it ... still, far away from usable knife IMHO

Here is  karambit style blade:

Update (16.3.2015.):

... and then someone has to ruin it for everyone ...
As 3dprint.com reports, mechanical engineering student at École de technologie supérieure in Montreal, Canada, named Antoine Rancourt Poulin made a hidden real knife blade with 3d printed comb attachment and handle. Probably highly illegal as concealed weapon ...

Source: http://3dprint.com/51252/3d-printed-comb-knife/

Update (24.4.2015.):

Group of Dutch students wanted to show security flaws and smuggled two 3d printed knives into a courtroom of the Palace of Justice in Den Bosch. The whole thing was done with courts permission as a sort of a test.
3D printed knives were tested to show that they can cut, stab and potentially hurt someone.

What is next? Taking some sharp wood sticks or stones trough metal detector to "prove" some sort of security threat?

From the source:
According to the court’s spokeswoman Ilse Westenenk, the courtroom regularly works together with the college. ‘That’s why we gave them permission, but obviously after checking they were actual Avans students,’ she said.
The spokeswoman further revealed that the court was already aware of these loopholes in the security system, but added that this experiment will not lead to a tightening of security.
‘We have known for some time that knives of this kind cannot be detected by metal scanners. 3D printed weapons simply require other security measures. But for now we will uphold the current balance between security and transparency,’ she said. The courtroom and its corridors are also patrolled by security personnel.
Source and more info: http://www.3ders.org/articles/20150424-dutch-students-smuggle-3d-printed-knives-into-court-to-prove-a-security-flaw.html

Update (23.6.2015.):

I attended an event about 3d printing in Osijek, Croatia and in a bunch of 3d printed stuff I saw a small 3d printed knife of the same design as used by Dutch students. I took a look and it seems completely useless. I don't think it would be capable of opening a paper envelope. Maybe it could be used to cut some very soft cheese. Waste of time. you can see it in picture bellow:


Here is a dagger printed on professional Stratasys SLS printer probably in nylon powder. Not much information is available. The source is unknown. It looks like Klingon design :-)


here you can see a knife prototype or fantasy prop developed and 3d printed/painted by SoupCan13



Here is a serious and fully functional sharp metal knife 3d printed by laser sintering in titanium. The knife was developed for a sailing team as a safety tool. It must be very expensive.

Full article:


Here is a DIY steak knife printed in some unknown organometallic filament which looks like more usable eating utensil but still bends:

Here is a kitchen knife printed with Protopasta's HTPLA carbon fiber filament by Josh Huges. It "cuts" the fruit and veggies but it is probably not so sharp.