Mar 24, 2013

Fab Lab Berlin Prusa I3 building workshop

Building the RepRap Prusa i3: Six 3D Printers in Two Days from Sam Muirhead on Vimeo.
This was the first workshop at the (still under construction) Fab Lab Berlin (, as well as the first 'Build Your Own 3D Printer' workshop with Bram + Morris from Open 3D Engineering (
The Prusa i3 is a RepRap machine ( developed by Josef Prusa (

Video CC-BY-SA Sam Muirhead
Made with free software - Kdenlive, Audacity, Ubuntu

Creative Commons Licensed Music:

'District 65' CC-BY-SA Lofiuser
'Floating in the Sun' CC-BY Azoora
'Jimmy H. Boogaloo' CC-BY-SA Los Juanitos
'Time' CC-BY-SA Jahzzar
'Bad Barn' CC-BY-SA Bitbasic
'Sun Ray' CC-BY-SA Conveyor

DSC 7184 CC-BY-SA Kwixson
x-carriage CC-BY Sharjeel Aziz
RepRap workshop in Gdansk, Poland CC-BY Maciej Wojnicki
RepRap 'Pythagoras' CC-BY-SA Zach Hoeken
Pinch Wheel Extruder Prototype CC-BY-SA Zach Hoeken
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