Nov 6, 2012

New 3d printer - L5

Printing a 3d pumpkin:

Main features from their Kickstarter page:

Injection-Molded Plastic Parts
All of the molded parts have molded-in inserts that eliminate a lot of complication and extra hardware (no nuts to tighten!).  This allows the printer to be assembled quickly and provide consistency in manufacturing, making your printer more accurate. 
 New Head Design
We have taken components that we have liked from other designs and combined them to create our complete head design.  The cold end and the hot end combine to make a functioning and simple to put together head.
 X-Axis Movement
A gear on rack design controls the movement in the x-axis; this means there are no belts or pulleys, simplifying the assembly as well as eliminating calibration. 
 Y-Axis Movement
A uniquely designed motor mount allows both sides of the motor to control movement in the Y-Axis.  This ensures that the build tray will move evenly back and forth.
 Z-Axis Movement
We use ACME threaded rods and screws with two nema 17 motors wired in parallel.  One of the challenges is getting the Z-Axis to home to the build tray at the right level.  We have designed a special clip that snaps onto the Z-Axis rod, which fixes this problem making it simple to calibrate.
 Heated Build Tray
With a heated build tray, you can build PLA or ABS plastic without warping.  It is very easy to level with four screws, one on each corner.  Together with easy leveling and the Z-Axis clip you can have your build tray homed and leveled without getting frustrated.
 Snap-in Roller Bearings
The L5 printer uses 12 roller bearings to give it the smoothest movement in the X Y and Z-axis.
 Great Design
We wanted a printer that not only prints well, but also looks great.  A printer that would be a conversation piece that looked good on an office desk, in your home or at school.  We went through many design iterations until we found a design we felt was clean and simple.  A design that was inspired by speedboats and sexy cars.
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