Oct 21, 2012

Sailfish Firmware for faster MakerBots

Jetty's Sailfish firmware brings better performance to most of MakerBot 3d printers. 

From their thingiverse page :
"A Sailfish is faster than a Marlin".

Sailfish is the next generation of the Jetty Firmware. It's faster and has better print quality.

Supports: Replicator 1, ThingOMatic and Cupcake (TBA)

Firmware Manual: wiki.makerbot.com/jetty-firmware

This firmware contains many new features, some of which are: better acceleration, ditto printing, Pause@ZPos, SF50 Volumetric 5D printing.

Feature list: wiki.makerbot.com/jetty-firmware#toc3

Requirements: wiki.makerbot.com/sailfish-firmware-installation-guide
Be sure to check their instruction before installing, but the procedure should be very easy.