Nov 29, 2011

New RepRap print quality advancement

New advancement in RepRap print quality (with non-standard nozzle).

Quality - Open Source for the Win (Part Deux)

A short while ago Neil posted here about the way RepRap 3D print quality is starting to knock spots off the proprietary competition.

Well.  This blog is not the place for RepRap spinoff company Ra Ra, so I have left it until our sales campaign here is just about over before making this post.  (And no - I couldn't manage to resist abusing my position and including the link.)

Jean-Marc just printed Misguided's Screw Cup from Thingiverse (above) on one of our RepRapPro Huxleys in ABS.  We used a non-standard 0.3mm nozzle  (standard is 0.5mm) and a layer height of 0.1mm.  It took a while under those conditions, of course - 5 hours.

But check out this surface finish under the microscope:

The line is a 60-micron human hair (selflessly donated by Christine Bowyer under only mild protest; as those aware of my appearance will know, I am incapable of providing such a sample myself).

We think that the quality we're getting is rather good...