Jul 2, 2015

How to make a DIY plastic shredding device form wood pieces and metal pipe

dmwatkins developed and published this DIY plastic shredder that you can use to recycle your failed prints or scrap plastic to make new filament as a pre-processor for a filament extruder.

It uses some wood pieces and cut metal pipe and it is hand operated. Rough and basic but gets the job done.

Detailed build guide:


Jul 1, 2015

Make a 3d printable copy of your favorite sneakers

iwillspy13 has made an Instructables tutorial on how to make 3d model of your favorite sneakers and 3d printe them in flexible filament. It is not a full copy but a copy of a inside that fits your feet.
Those shoes are probably not usable as the material will probably fall apart when used but it it an interesting project.
We need better materials for DIY shoes :-)

Detailed tutorial:


New Cura is out with powerful new features

New Cura is out with many new features!

Features list:

A new plug-in based system
The Uranium framework is a new plugin-based system that gives us great flexibility to extend Cura’s capabilities with ease.

Overhauled User Interface
The User Interface has been completely redesigned to create a far more intuitive, and pleasing experience.

Time-Quality Slider
We think users will love this feature. Instead of using 3 default profiles, we’ve chosen to implement a “time vs quality” slider in the new Cura. This creates more control over the balance between quality and printing time - especially for novice users or if you just want to quickly slice something.

Under the hood of settings
The Advanced mode is now configurable and enjoys many extra new settings, while being sure not overwhelm new users with too many of them. You can even create your own view settings, choosing which ones you want to see or not. Again, this makes it easy for new users but gives experts and tinkerers the ability to really experiment and gain even more control.

Support for high-DPI screens
The beautifully refreshed UI has been designed with high-DPI screens in mind, so on devices that have this feature, Cura looks amazing.

Optimized support structure
The powerful new CuraEngine features greatly improved support generation algorithms and additional options for support structure generation. This means both the positioning and degradability of support are improved.

Experimental feature: Wire Printing
We think users are going to enjoy this experimental new feature. We’ve implemented Wire Printing that will print objects as a structure of lines. To use it simply go to Advanced Mode -> Fixes -> Wire Printing.

An all important Undo/Redo feature
We listened to our community and it’s now possible to undo and redo most scene operations, like moving or rotating objects.


To be included in future updates
  • The ‘Configuration Wizard’ and ‘Bed Leveling Wizard’ for the Ultimaker Original and Ultimaker Original+.
  • All At Once / One At A Time Printing.
  • A dual extrusion feature with a completely new workflow.
  • An improved way to incorporate ‘Lay Flat’, and ‘Split Object Into Parts’.
  • Future plug-ins will include support for DAE and AMF files. And for directly loading a GCode file. There will also be plug-ins to support PNG, JPG and other image formats. Support for loading Minecraft levels will also be implemented as a plug-in.
  • ‘X-Ray View’ will be added as a future plug-in.
Forever removed features:
  • Windows XP support has been dropped as Microsoft is no longer supporting XP, so they will no longer back port certain features that we require.
  • ‘Follow Mesh Surface’ has been removed from the engine, the same result can be achieved using no infill or top/bottom layers.

Source post with download link:


Jun 28, 2015

Felfil Open Source Filament Extruder

Felfil is a new open source filament extruder from Italy. It will enable you to recreate it in your home workshop and produce filament from pellets.

Felfil homepage:


Extruder details and downloads:


Jun 25, 2015

MX3D will print a metal bridge in Amsterdam with robotic hand metal printers

Detailed information can be found on:


3DSimo mutlitool and 3d drawing pen

It does eveeeeeeeeeeerything ... but how well?

Foam cutting with hot wire, 3d drawing, burning and soldering ... nice!

3DSimo homepage:


It's on KS now:


Divergent Microfactories Blade car with 3d printed parts

Divergent Microfactories developed the Blade sports car with ultralight and strong 3d printed parts. It looks great.

Blade homepage:


Clean your house with 3d printed vacuum cleaner robot, 3d printed broom and antimicrobial kitchen scrubber

I hate house cleaning. I really do. It was a source of many arguments with my girlfriend in the past, but I think she got used to it now.
If you hate it also (or even if you like it), here are some DIY projects that can hel keep your house clean with a help of 3d printer.

We thought about buying roomba vaccum robot but it is just too expensive here in Croatia. There are several homemade Roomba clone projects but Jake Lee made a 3d printable DIY vacuum cleaner robot named Panda.

Here is a video of Panda in action:

If you want to make your Panda, here is a full build guide:


Mark Leonard developed a 3d printable broom you can use on your floor.

More detailed guide on how to do it with bridging code and other advanced bridging projects can be found at:


Luckily we do have a dishwasher so I don't have to wash dishes by hand, but if you do you can always 3d print your dishwasher or 3d print a scrubber in antimicrobial Purement filament designed by Jake.

You can find all the files to print it at:


More detailed article:


Happy cleaning! No, I'm just kidding ... I feel your hurt ...

Jun 24, 2015

Pentacopter drone with 3d printed parts

... just a cool and unusual DIY pentacopter drone design I wanted to share. It uses 3d printed parts in motor housings and probably other structural sections.

It will certainly draw some attention when it flies ...

Project homepage with build log:


Here is it flying in the night with LED strips: