Nov 26, 2014

3d Systems Caputre Mini 3d scanner with blue LED structured light

3D Systems also presented a new high precision 3d scanner: the Capture Mini. It works with blue LED structured light scanner paired with Geomagic software and it is optimized for small parts in industrial / professional design enviroment.

Product homepage with more details:

There is no details on tech specs or price but probably they will be published soon. Do keep in mind, if you have to ask for the price you probably can not afford it.

Here is the press release:

Nov 25, 2014

3D Systems video from EuroMold 2014

3d Systems shows their product line on EuroMold 2014.

It is presented by the CEO Ari Reichental. Nice job Ari!

Space printer makes first 3d print IN SPACE!!!!

Times are interesting people! ISS based 3d printer just made a first print:

Source ande more information:

NASA and

here is the printer being delivered on a PRIVATE spacecraft:

One under-reported development in space 3d printing field is technology leap in 3d printed satellite parts with first 3d printed antenna array which will fly in space on several satellites:

Nov 22, 2014

ATOM DIY low cost simple extruder made from plywood

Atom is a very simple and low cost extruder developed in Egypt. It has few parts and it is cut from 3mm plywood. For heating block it uses scrap aluminum plate cut to 20mm x 20mm x 10mm and M6 brass bolt for nozzle.

Here are detailed instructions, files for cutting the plywood and BOM:

Parts of the extruder (usual elements such as NEMA 17 motor, fan, thermistor etc....):

This extruder is a part of broader ATOM 3d printer project to bring low cost 3d printing to Egypt and Arab world.

Details can be found at:

Nov 20, 2014

Free webinar on 3d printed car parts and car mods

Here is new free webinar from GoEngineer focusing on 3d printed car parts, car accessories and car modifications.

If you are interested in cars, car hacking, car repair, hypermiling, modding, car tuning and have access to any type of 3d printer this video will give you lots of useful tips, information and practical examples. You could theoretically make any plastic part needed for your car and customize it to fit your needs.

Webinar is presented by Tyler Reid, it is focused on Stratasys technology but the knowledge and is applicable to other 3d printers.

3d printed car parts presented here are:

  • gauge bezel
  • firewall feedtrough
  • wire tee box
  • throttle body spacer
  • battery charging box
Here is video webinar, one hour well spent ;-):

Here is a picture of installed wire tee box:

Great tutorial, thank you for the content Tyler and GoEngineer team!

There are many more similar high quality tutorials, like:

3d printed jigs and fixtures:

or 3d printed end user parts:

Here you can see another example of home 3d printers being used to make small replacement parts like AC button and cargo cover holder:

German RepRap 3DPrintBox 3d print server

German RepRap just released their stand-alone 3d print server control unit. It can be used from web interface from any computer or smartphone, it connects to the internet via WiFi or LAN cable and with three USB ports to the controlled 3d printer. Web camera monitoring is also available via USB ports.

It is priced at 149 euro.

Is it too much? Maybe ... you can make something similar with Raspberry Pi and other similar devices from less money. I would like to see more test to see if there are any advantages like in stability, processing or reliability.

Product homepage:

Cre8tor Industries Inventor's Positioning Axis

Here is a new movement module in form of a Cre8tor Industries 13" or 21" linear rail guided positioning axis with only 2.5 microns backlash. It could be used in machine development and very likely in functional digital fabrication unit (CNC or 3d printer).

Technical specifications:
  • 13” or 21” travel
  • 2.5”x3”x22” outer dimension (as is, without motor)
  • ¼-20 threaded holes on a 1.5”x2” hole pattern, which matches three mounting locations along the axis
  • Can be used with Nema 17 or Nema 23 motor
  • Complementary hole pattern in three spots along the rail that can bolt to the puck
  • Inspected to be within 10 micron accuracy and 5 micron backlash
  • Compatible with Mach 3, Grbl, Sprinter, Marlin, and most all 3D printing software. (Anything exporting step and direction signals).
  • Price: current pricing options on Kickstarter range from $150 for the 13” and $205 for the 21” version

It is on Kickstarter now:

Company homepage (they are based in Portland, Oregon):

This powered linear rail axis can be used in all dimensional configurations:

Schematics of the Inventor's Axis:

Nov 19, 2014

Josef Prusa gives interesting interview to Hackaday, in the meantime we are still waiting for Prusa i4

He is more then just a common man, he is a 3d printer also. Josef Prusa. The Guru.

Interview covers following topics (and more):
  • How did you get involved in 3D printing?
  • How's your business going?
  • What's the best recent advancement in 3D printing?
  • What's the worst?
  • What is the state of the RepRap project
  • What's up with the i4?
  • Thoughts on different printing technologies
  • Predict the future just came to my mind that Josef could pull a joke on us and go strait to Prusa i5 ... just sayin' ...

... and he also has a cool open hardware tattoo ...

Hackaday source article:

DIY astronomy projects made with a 3d printer

Here are a few DIY projects for all you astronomy enthusiast out there which can be done with acces to 3d printer.

Ultrascope smartphone telescope

Ultrascope is a 3d printed telescope which uses Nokia Lumia 1020 smartphone with high resolution camera to get pictures and light curves from space objects. Project is developed by James Parr from Open Space Agency.

All the information about function and construction of the Ultrascope are available at:

PiKon, the 3d printed telescope attachment for Raspberry Pi camera

PiKon is a low cost project where a 3d printed mount is used to attach Raspberry Pi camera to Newtonian reflector telescope to get 5MP resolution astrophotogaphs. Project was developed by University of Sheffield in cooperation with Alternative Photonics.

PiKon photo of Moon surface

Learn more at:

Printonian, the 3D printed DIY Dobsonian telescope

From Printonian project description:
This thing is a 3D printed Dobsonian telescope designed for an 8" primary mirror with a focal length of 48". The optical tube assembly consists of aluminum extrusions attached with 3D printed ribs designed for standard hardware and covered with cardboard tubing. The optical tube was mounted onto a base that was made from 3/4" baltic birch plywood cut on a CNC router. The bottom base plates are separated with plastic bearings to allow for control.
All the files, parts list and instructions can be found at:

There are many more DIY astronomy and telescope related projects that can be found on Thingiverse: