Sep 2, 2014

NORMAL will make you custom 3d printed earphones from their app

... and they have cool commercial for them ...

Sep 1, 2014

Development of KORUZA 3d printable laser wireless system

KORUZA is open source laser wireless communication device. It can reach 1Gbs network speeds on 100m range. The casing and mount are 3d printable.

Here are the updates and call to participate in worldwide experiment:

If you want to participate in development and testing:

Project homepage:

First post about KORUZA:

You go Musti! And YOu dear reader go and help my Slovenian neighbors!

Musti uses TroubleMaker 3d printer, which is improved Ultimaker derivative.

Aug 30, 2014

Cool 3d printed customizable DIY jewelry with detailed build guides

If you want to 3d print something for a special somebody and surprise them with gift you made YOURSELF and it is an unique piece .. well ... let me tell you, there will be some rewards ...

Here are two nice projects with very detailed build instructions:

Earrings shaped as audio track you choose:

You can use any word or tone and make different pieces. Very cool.

Build guide can be found here:

Customizable pendant:

Here is a nice tubular pendant you can fill with different materials and use it in a necklace.

Build guide can be found here:

Big DIY Delta clay 3d printer made by Olivier Van Herpt

There are many big Deltas printing in clay. It looks like a natural fit to create ceramic and pottery with Delta type machines since they are round and tall. Here is a new project by Olivier Van Herpt. Main feature of this  custom design is that Oliviers DIY extuder uses hard clay and not clay-water mixture. This approach enables bigger objects with higher details and sizes up to 80 cm x 42 cm.

Source and more info:

Printednest 3d printed nests for city birds

Printednest wants to give birds 3d printed nests inside cities. They want to have our feathered little friends inhabit cities once again. Ok they will crap on you from above, but nature is GOOD ... right!?
Their designs look very cool! And the designs are already in 4th generation ...

Project homepage:

They are building a community and want more people to join them. You can build your nest and pin it on a map, even live feed from it ... Currently they have 40 nests in 27 cities in 7 countries.

Free webinar on 3d printing jigs and fixtures

Another great video from GoEngineer on all kinds of jigs and fixtures used in various manufacturing processes and made with 3d printers. Very educational!

Here is the previous tutorial on injection molding:

Aug 28, 2014

Mcor paper 3d printed hammer taken by airport security

Mcor is well known for their unique paper based 3d printing technology. On of their sales staff was stopped by airport security and 3d printed paper hammer was taken as a potential "danger".

Here is what is reported on Mcors blog by that sales manager:
“Last night at the airport, security removed the hammer from my case. When I said it was made of paper he could not believe it, although he did comment that only the weight told him it was not real. He sent for his supervisor – same reaction. They then started to show everyone around and began to talk about making customized tools, parts for cars, phones, was this printer that produced the hammer model really made in Ireland, and many other comments.
In the end the hammer still had to be handed in as I could not take it in my hand luggage because, ‘it looked too real; it could be used to threaten people.’
Sorry I have lost the part. I’ll need another, but if it you could send by DHL it might be safer!”
Mcor’s first family, the MacCormacks, have had several similar experiences with Mcor 3D printed models at airports, but fortunately they had checked luggage and the option to go back and place the models in the checked luggage since airport security did not permit them to bring the models on the plane in their hand luggage.

Mcor used this "incident" and used is as a promotional piece to show how realistic their prints are. Which is completely legit. This story also peaks volumes about safety craziness of our current society ... sheesh, it's colored PAPER!!!


Now, how realistic is Mcors hammer? Take a look at video here:

Testing flammability of 3d printing materials

Here is a small improvised and non.scientific "test" of fire resistance (or flammability however you want to look at it) of various Shapeways 3d printing materials. The results are not surprising, basically gypsum burns worst. Don't try this at home folks. Plastics is flammable.

Tested materials were: Alumide (metallic plastic) UV Cured Acrylic Resin (Frosted Ultra Detail & Detail Plastic), Gypsum Full Color (full color sandstone) and Nylon (white, strong & flexible).

FLEKS3D flexible build platform system

FLEKS3D is a new flexible build platform cover that will enable you to upgrade your heated bed improve print adhesion and enable you to remove prints easily.

Key features as advertised on Kickstarter:
  • EASE OF REMOVAL OF 3D PRINT FROM BUILD-PLATE: The flexibility of the FLEKS3D™ Build-Plate makes it super easy to remove prints. We chose a highly resistant thermoset (plastic). This is because it is far more flexible and holds its form better than spring steel or other metals. We found that it is important to be able to flex the plate a lot for the really hard prints to remove. From our experience, just having a little bit of flex isn't enough for the prints that are really stuck on the build-plate
  • EASE OF REPETITIVE PRINTING BY HAVING SEVERAL EASILY REPLACED PLATES: The FLEKS3D™ kit comes with 2 plates. This makes it possible to interchange them for an uninterrupted 3D printing experience.
  • ULTRAGRIP WITH THE PROPRIETARY TEXTURE: The FLEKS3D™ Build-plate features proprietary texture that makes tape and hairspray unnecessary.
  • LESS DISRUPTIVE TO THE LEVELING OF BUILD-PLATE: Resetting the leveling of the build-plate after each print is tedious to say the least. This is not necessary with the easy removal set-up that the FLEX3D™ incorporates. This is because it comes with 2 easily removed plates that fit snug in the permanent frame.
  • BEST PRICE: Let's face it you work hard for your money. We don’t want to have you break the bank. We have made a great effort to be able to offer the FLEKS3D™ Build-Plate System at the best possible price. This is so we can offer this to as many people as possible.
  • HEATED BED: We have not done extensive testing with a heated bed. This is since our UltraGrip™ texture creates a very strong grip and a heated bed haven't been necessary to avoid warping. The FLEKS3D™ is made of a thermoform plastic with a melting point at 311 F or 155 °C. If a heated bed is used the temperature needs to be set bellow this.
  • HEATED BED: We have not done extensive testing with a heated bed. This is since our UltraGrip™ texture creates a very strong grip and a heated bed haven't been necessary to avoid warping. The FLEKS3D™ is made of a thermoform plastic with a melting point at 311 F or 155 °C. If a heated bed is used the temperature needs to be set bellow this.

You can get it for as low as 20 USD during their Kickstarter:

Company page:

FLEKS3d comes in 3 standard sizes to fit 95% of the printers. Small is 6" by 6", medium 8" by 8" and large is 10" by 10" inch. In metric units: Small 152mm by 153mm, Medium 204mm by 204mm and large 254mm by 254mm.
For MakerBot, there are custom FLEKS3D™ plates. These are available for Replicator 2, Replicator 2X and Replicator (5th gen)

FLEKS3D joins ranks with other print bed upgrades currently available like BuildTak or carbon surface from GermanRepRap.